The Myriad project came to deliver a wonderful experience to year 9s in Futures and all the sixth form who study Psychology. The workshop was designed to teach teenagers about their brains, the brain development that happens in adolescence and the consequences for behaviour.

There were experiments on ‘Is it worth the wait’;  ‘How easily are you distracted’; ‘Are you a risk taker?’ and there was, the students’ favourite, a massive inflatable brain. The year 9s enjoyed all the activities, and learnt about the brain. Yuoshuo’s favourite fact was that most of the brain is fat!

The year 12s and 13s had excellent discussions with the 8 university researchers and saw the links to their A level studies. The Myriad team were impressed with the students’ good behaviour and engagement.

From a teacher’s point of view it is fascinating to see the evidence as to why students can find it hard to focus and find it easy to take risks in their teenage years – apparently,  it is all due to the plasticity of their brains!

Dr Pickup
Director Project Based Learning 

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