Year 12 students visit McLaren Construction at Castle Quay

Year 12 students are working on a project designing their own suggestion for a development in Banbury. They have come up with some amazing ideas from a Duck Café to a community centre.

Castle Quay development

As part of the project, they have studied the Castle Quay development. They had a presentation from the manager of the new leisure development LOCK 29 and last Friday 12 of the students were hosted by Mclaren on a behind the scenes tour. They saw the clean and welcoming office space and met Craig Benham the project director.

They were kitted out with PPE and visited the site to see the challenges of flooding, gas pipes and the amazing construction of the new hotel.

Craig explained that all Mclaren sites take great care with their cleanliness and always have a white crane. He was really helpful with explaining all the careers and offered the assistance of his team to the students in completing their own designs.

White Crane

Mclaren will come and judge the students at our final on 2nd April.

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