Learn by Design and a Stem ambassador from High Sky delivered the Energiser Workshop which focused on what is Engineering, understanding about the future energy mix and an electric car challenge that allowed students to step into the shoes of an engineer, by working in teams to collaborate, adapt and improve an electric car.

The students rose to the challenge of designing and adapting their vehicle. They videoed their runs and improved their designs. Georgia said:

“The students at Futures are great, so enthusiastic and working with them is incredibly rewarding. They had a perceptive and deep understanding of what an engineer is.”

They had lots of questions for Charles Pickers, who has a background that includes designing music mixing desks and now works to design systems that will turn mobile phones into satellite phones. Charles does 2 days a year volunteering to spread the word about engineering. This year he has already been to Banbury twice.

“There is so much going on at Futures – it’s great!”

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