Stephanie Hilborne presented a talk to our sixth form about the importance of 21st-century skills in her career, her key messages were about the skills of leadership, collaboration and communication. She mentioned several notable people (David Attenborough, Rebecca Adlington and Michael Gove). She presented information about the history of the wildlife trusts in the UK using items from her historical collection. Stephanie also linked to her current role as CEO of Women In Sport, quoting from an essay written by her grandfather about women’s position in society. She left us with a potential partnership with the local wildlife trust that links to our current project on the built environment.

Stephanie Hilborne presentation

Following her talk, Stephanie stayed for lunch and a group discussion.

The hosting team wrote the following thank you…

‘Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to come and speak to us at Banbury Aspirations Campus Sixth Form, your presentation was thought-provoking, particularly for the Eco-Consultants for the current project. Hopefully, we will be able to produce higher quality work due to the insight you provided us. Also it was interesting to hear about your journey through the Wildlife Trust and then into Women In Sport, and learning about the experiences you’ve had with famous people like Michael Gove and Stanley Johnson. We hope you also enjoyed giving your presentation to the sixth form students and that you enjoyed speaking to some of the Eco-consultants.
Kind regards, the Hosting Team (Abbie, Alex, Jacob and Tia)’

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