Futures Institute students displayed excellent creative thinking and problem-solving to deliver a real-world brief during an enthralling three-day creative task in combination with the Careers and Enterprise Company and Speakers for Schools.

The students’ challenge was to select a charity and develop an infographic and marketing plan for their chosen cause. There to judge the results of the projects was Alex Tatham, Executive Director of Westcoast Limited, the award-winning Reading-based computing company.

The students showcased a range of charities, including wildlife conservation, autism awareness, and Alzheimer’s research. Each presentation reflected the students’ dedication, creativity and strategic thinking


Charity Challenge - Futures Institute Banbury and Westcoast

Alex was impressed with the quality of the student presentations, bravery and innovative thinking. He singled out the storyboard for a TV commercial supporting Ocean Seas, which included a unique idea for securing sponsorship from McDonald’s.

“Their ability to think outside the box and present such polished concepts in just three days is remarkable,” Tatham commented. “The Ocean Seas commercial, in particular, demonstrated a clever approach to partnership and branding.”

The challenge provided students with valuable experience in marketing and charity promotion and highlighted the importance of creative thinking in solving real-world problems.

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