Aspirations Employability Diploma in Year 12

Employability Skills Development

Aspirations Academy schools are all providing innovative and inspirational lessons designed to engage pupils and develop all students’ employability skills. All Year 12 students, across the campus, are very fortunate to have an exciting opportunity to work in their AED sessions on projects with real world focus and links to local businesses. The aim is to develop skills required for success in today’s global world such as time management, project management, teamwork, leadership, communications, critical thinking and presentations skills. We hope to provide students with a broad experience of the changing world of work and allow them to develop innovation and entrepreneurship.

Local businesses and industry will be invited in to collaborate with us on topics such as project management, teamwork and ideation. There will be an introductory project on The Modern Workplace and then 4 further projects focussing on the employment sectors of Education, Engineering and Health.

By the end of the year each student will have compiled an individual employability portfolio charting their development in 21st century skills and their links to business and industry. They will have a viva to be awarded their diploma.

The AED involves:

  • Termly projects
  • Working in teams with input from skilled professionals
  • Research and fieldwork
  • Final presentation/exhibition

Find out more about AED on our Employability pages

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