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Academic year 2022-23

What are we studying?

YEAR 10 and 11

Pupils will begin their GCSE course studying the three physical geography modules of the AQA specification;

The challenge of natural hazards –
In this module, pupils will learn about tectonic and climatic hazards and how to mitigate the impacts of such hazards. Pupils will also learn how climate change is affecting our planet and effectively being managed.

The living world –
In this module pupils will study three contrasting biomes around the globe; tropical rainforests, polar regions, and desert environments.

Physical landscapes in the UK –
In this module, pupils will learn about contrasting landscapes such as coasts, rivers and glaciers. Pupils will also assess case studies on both a local and national scale.

Pupils will then begin studying the three human geography modules within the specifications;

Urban issues and challenges –
In this module, pupils will learn about the complex structure of urban environments, assess urban areas within the UK as well as evaluating methods used to improve the sustainability of urban settings.

The changing economic world –
In this module, pupils will be assessing the changes occurs in our world regarding development such as “why are some countries richer than others” and “what impact does migration have on the UK?”. Pupils will also study Nigeria as a case study.

The Challenge of resource management –
In this module, the pupils will understand the fragility of different resource on our planet such as fossil fuels, food and clean drinking water. Pupils will also study conflicts that have arisen due to this scarcity of resources and the impacts this can have on geo-political situations.

In addition to the six modules within the GCSE specification for Geography, the pupils will also complete two compulsory fieldwork activities which they will require for one of their examinations.



Lead Practitioner of Geography: Mr David Chilton


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