Useful Information for students in Year 11

Year 11 Mock Timetable 9th – 12th November 2020

Y11 November 2020 Mock timetable

All students are seated in the Sports Hall

WPA students will arrive and enter via the back entrance and line up on the hard standing and exit through the front main door.

FI students will arrive and exit via the front left fire exit door.

All students will receive an individual timetable with details of their allocated seat numbers the first day back after half term.

Study Guides

Please note we are no longer using the Squid Shop for the purchase of study guides (Year 10 and 11).  They can now be purchased through School Gateway.  In order to make a purchase you will need to have the School Gateway app installed.  The app is free and will take no longer than a couple of minutes to download.  To download the app search for School Gateway in the Apple App Store/Google Play or on your phone go to (Apple) or (Android). Select yes to allow push notifications.
Download the Study Guides List here

Local Opportunities

For more apprenticeships and employment opportunities please see our Local Opportunities page.


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