ICT facilities

All areas of the curriculum are catered for. We offer Computer Aided Design and manufacture in Technology, image manipulation equipment in Art and video conferencing facilities in Modern Languages. All students have their own user area to allow them to work on any curriculum PC in the Campus. All year 12 students will be loaned a personal Chromebook for their studies in the sixth form for the year. In year 13 there are a number of Chromes available for students to sign out and use during study periods.

The library

The library at Wykham Park is an excellent place for silent study. All students have at least four study periods on their timetable and it is important that they use these wisely. Students have access to printers, scanners, laminating etc. The computer room and the upstairs of the library are Sixth Form areas. The upstairs library is updated with university prospectuses. We are also fortunate to have study areas, ICT and an additional common room at Futures Institute Banbury.

The Sixth Form common room

The common room is a space only for Sixth Form students.  The common room has facilities for students to make hot drinks and have the use of a fridge and microwave. Students are able to purchase food, via the School Gateway app, from the buttery at break and lunch. Free School Meals are available for students who are eligible.

Sixth form students study areas

Student support

The Campus offers support for students with SEN through the learning development department. Students also have full access to seek advice/guidance/counsel from the school welfare manager and school nurse.

Trips and Visits

Throughout  your time in Sixth Form there will be a number of opportunities to attend trips organised by the Sixth Form, to career fairs or local employers. We really encourage all students to attend the trips as much as possible as they have been selected to benefit you and help you with making choices about your future. We try to make trips as inexpensive as possible but we need all student participation to do this.

UCAS Application

Students are invited to several personal statement workshops and webinars throughout the year. Your Personal Statement will go through a series of checking to ensure your statement is the best that it can be. Parents will also be invited into school in order to find out more about the UCAS process and work closely with the sixth form team to support students’ applications.

Guest speakers

Banbury Aspirations Campus has many fantastic links with Universities, including Oxford and Oxford Brookes. We regularly welcome guest speakers in to discuss further education, UCAS applications, applying for Oxford or Cambridge University and apprenticeship events. Students will also have a meeting booked with a Connexions Advisor to discuss different career opportunities and options.

Work Placement

Banbury Aspirations Campus fully supports students finding working placements during their time at Sixth Form.  Year 12 students source their own placements with support from the sixth form team. We also keep a stringent record of skills developed and opportunities taken.  These documents prove invaluable when it comes to apprenticeship and university applications in Year 13.

Aspirations week and Volunteering

As part of the schools Aspirations week, last year the Sixth Form introduced volunteering in the community. Year 12 students took part in various local community projects. This was a fantastic success, projects varied from cleaning up playgrounds to gardening in a residential home for people with learning difficulties.

Sixth form students volunteering

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