Mission, Vision & Values

Everyone is empowered by resilience, confidence and happiness

Our Mission

To enable our students to achieve their true potential in a challenging and engaging environment, preparing them with the skills and qualifications needed for the future.

Our vision

We are committed to delivering a quality education for all young people in our care with a specific focus on engagement with the world of STEM. Our students are at the heart of every decision we make. We will help them develop their self worth by creating a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Our high quality teaching and extracurricular opportunities with the world of work, will engage and inspire them. We will get to know our students’ dreams and give them the confidence to take the actions needed to reach their personal goals. All of our students will have the support needed to develop into skillful, determined, resilient and responsible learners, fully prepared to embrace life in our global society.

Our Values

Self-worth: creating a sense of belonging and accomplishment

Engagement: inspiring curiosity and a spirit of adventure in everyone

Purpose: developing the confidence to take action to reach our goals.


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