How we dress is very important in accurately reflecting our commitment, professionalism and attitude towards sixth form life.  At Banbury Aspirations Sixth Form Campus, we take pride in our professional dress and it is vital that all students dress according to our policy.

It is non-negotiable. Any student who is not wearing dress appropriate to the policy will be asked to wear alternative clothing at school, or go home to change.

Dress Code Requirements
A useful comparator is the standard and type of dress that can be commonly seen worn by staff working in a professional office.


Males: A suit or smart trousers and a collared shirt with tie. The top button should always be secured. In some situations, e.g. DT workshops or science labs, a tie may present a safety risk and so may be removed at the discretion of teachers or staff. Jackets may be removed with permission of teachers and staff.

Females: A smart skirt / trousers / dress for females and blouse or other smart top as appropriate. A jacket must also be worn. Again, these can be removed at the discretion of teachers or staff.
Tailored dresses can be worn but must not be made of stretchy lycra material. In addition to this, trousers must also not be made of any stretchy/legging material.  Skirts and dresses must be of a respectable length and trousers must be of full length. Tops should be modest with necklines appropriate for an office environment.

Footwear: Footwear that is appropriately smart and safe for walking around the campus is vital.
Smart shoes only (trainers/plimsolls e.g. brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Lonsdale, Vans etc. are not permitted)

Other items

  • Hair should be neat and tidy. No extreme hairstyles will be permitted.  Where hair is of shoulder length or longer it should be tied back in laboratories, workshops and during PE for safety reasons.
  • Visible tattoos are discouraged and must be discreet.
  • Jewellery and make-up should be discreet; no body piercings, other than one earring in each ear and a small nose stud. Nail varnish must be discreet
  • Hijabs covering head and shoulders may be worn as part of religious belief and should be suitable for the work environment. The face should not be covered as this may interfere with the clear communication required by adults in a school environment
  • Males may wear beards / facial hair. All facial hair should be kept tidy.


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