Aspirations Employability Diploma

AED stands for Aspirations Employability Diploma

Our students will work on this alongside their A Levels. They’ll work with each other and external employers on real life projects that enable them to develop their employability skills.

Three A Levels is just not enough on its own in terms of success in the real world. Employers believe students are not ready for the world of work. We want our students to develop a range of skills outside of their subjects to make them competitive candidates for universities and apprenticeships.

AED is a programme unique to Aspirations Academies Trust. Study of the AED enables students’ continuous reflection with regard to career planning. It sets a framework formed around a series of driving research questions, and allows students to develop a range of professional skills to maximise their learning potential.

Using the RAR (Review, Analyse, Reflect) model, students embark on a journey of creative and adaptive thinking, providing wide ranging transferable skills supporting all Post-18 options. Students complete Individual and group projects in the fields of Health and Medicine, Engineering and Education, and are awarded the AED Diploma upon completion of the course.

The AED Diploma is awarded to students who understand what ‘professional behaviour, performance and delivery‘ means and is awarded at three levels; Gold, Silver and Bronze. A list of students successfully completing the AED programme is formally published on the Aspirations website.

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