Pupils from across Banbury came together to share their ideas, learn about other schools and work together to make their academies the best they can be.

Student Councils from Futures Institute Banbury, Wykham Park Academy, Dashwood Banbury Academy and Harriers Banbury Academy met to discuss the projects, initiatives and strategies that have performed well for them.

Futures Institute council members presented our suggestions and gave tours to other pupils with enthusiasm.

‘I enjoyed working with other schools’ – Adassa, Year 8, Wykham Park Academy
‘I found today really exciting, I feel really happy that I learned a lot’ – Olivia, Year 6, Dashwood Banbury Academy
‘It was a good chance to interact with other schools’ – Geoffrey, Year 8, Futures Institute Banbury

The day was led by Andy David, Director of Student Leadership & Engagement, at Aspirations Academies Trust, who celebrated the success of the event.

‘At Aspirations we firmly believe that a transformative future in education is best accomplished together – by students and teachers actively listening to one another with mutual trust and respect.

‘This was a wonderful opportunity to bring all four academies together for the very first time; to share ideas, look to the future and empower our students to take action.’

‘Futures were fantastic hosts and their student leadership team were a credit to their academy. All the children left excited to implement the ideas that they have picked up and I am really excited to see what they do.’

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