The Alan Turing Cryptography competition is now in its tenth year.  This is the first year Wykham Park Academy and Futures Institute will be participating and we as a family of students and teachers are excited to be involved in the competition.

The cryptography competition will certainly give students a chance to utilise their maths skills but not only that, it will develop creative, logical and critical reasoning skills.

The rules for the competition are simple

  • Every Monday a new challenge will be posted in the Google classroom.  Students will complete the challenge and upload evidence of their solution on the google classroom.
  • A record of the students will be kept and one student will be randomly selected at the end of the week.
  • All the students who have completed the challenge will also be given a shout out in assembly.
  • All Year groups are encouraged to participate.

Below is the code to join the class.



Cryptography puzzle

This was the first challenge, which was completed first by a Year 8 student.  

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