Robot Birdmen – the winning team on the day at Futures, won the RAF Cosford Museum prize for Furthest Flight in competition against all the  schools around the country that entered on the day.

In November, Year 9 students (Futures Institute pathway) completed a project culminating in the National RAF Glider challenge.

Year 9 students working on their designs

Year 9 student working on his designs

The students learnt about the theory of flight from RAF technicians. They designed and tested prototypes in the weeks leading up to the nationwide event.

Dr Tim Goodhead and Peter Bridgewater provided engineering support on the day. The Crest passports and group presentations were submitted to RAF Cosford along with the evidence of the longest flight of 22m by team Birdman.

Year 9 students about to fly their design

Measuring flight distances

Aniel Ganatra from Collins Aerospace also reviewed the presentations and gave feedback on the student’s teamwork, research and presentation skills.

The project illustrates how students at Futures develop their employability skills working on real world problems with support from local industry.

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