NASA 2023 Visit

At the start of this year, we again offered an excited cohort of our year 12 students the chance to visit some of NASA’s most prestigious sites in Florida. Departing on Sunday 5th February, our students were able to experience guided tours around Kennedy Space Centre, learn all about the cutting edge of space technology and finally showcase their knowledge by leading classes for American Sixth-graders.


And…lift off! Our official 2023 twitter feed is now live. Follow the latest updates here!

Mission Log: By the students

Day One – Written by Isaac and Chloe-Amelia, Budmouth Academy

Day Two – Written by Andreea and Hrithika, Wykham Park Academy

Day Three – Written by Zuzanna and Emma, Magna Academy

Day Four – Written by Humaima and Ravija, Rivers Academy



For more information on our previous trips, click here, or follow the link to the right-hand side of this page.

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Welcome from the Principal

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